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Please Read About Fraudulent Emails. 

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 If you receive and email requesting that you reply via email with your password, credit card or account information please note that Encore Trax or Benson Sound will never ask you to email Credit Card or account information in an email as it is not secure.  We do not even have any customer passwords that are used for our site so any requests like this are fraudulent and do not originate from Benson Sound or Encore Trax.

There are persons that are sending emails of this kind and now have a way to make it look like it is coming from the actual company.  This is called "email spoofing".  

Click here to read more about "Email Spoofing" from TechTV.

This does not in any way affect our online ordering as those orders are protected on a secure site.  This only affects emails.

If you receive an email requesting this kind of sensitive information please forward a copy to us to review but do not include any credit card or account information.

Just forward with a message at the top indicating that you received this email and it is asking for CC or account information.  This will help us to try and track down the source of these kind of emails.

So far, we have not had any of our customers receive one of these emails.

This is just a precautionary information step.


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